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The Film


Father the Flame will be a feature-length documentary about slowing down, embracing life, and learning something in the process. It's also about tobacco pipes.

We will delve into the modern world of the pipe culture, explore the historical journey of the tobacco pipe and show the making of a pipe from harvesting briar in Italy to a finished pipe made by a craftsman in a remote corner of upper Michigan. Through interviews, narration, and cinematic imagery we will explore the timeless and transcendant nature of pipes.



You never really own a pipe. You are its caretaker until you pass it on. 

We're fascinated by the peaceful and meditative qualities of pipe smoking and want to hear from all kinds of pipe smokers and makers about what it means to them. Even for non-pipe smokers there's a certain instant nostalgia and curiosity about these objects that keeps drawing them in, wanting to know more. What was the origin of the smoking pipe and what does the pipe world look like today? Is it uncommon or weird to smoke a pipe? What is the future of pipe smoking?  We're hoping to take a look at all these things in this film and shed some light on craft and hobby beloved by so many.

The Team

Chad Terpstra - Director/Cinematographer - Is an award-winning filmmaker. Most recently, he had pieces honored at Telluride, South by Southwest and AFI's Silverdocs Film Festival. Check out his cinematography work at  

Jeremy Rush - Producer - Is the force behind Beardcore Media. Father the Flame is his most recent passion project.

Stellita Terpstra - Producer/Legal - Is an attorney turned producer. She recently formed Mirror Darkly LLC, a production company, with her husband Chad.

Scott McCambridge- Editor - Is an award-winning editor. He has a wealth of experience working on a variety of commercial, documentary and narrative projects.



Get Involved in Father the Flame!

You now have the opportunity to take part in this film.  We've shot nearly everything we need for the film, but have a lot of finishing costs ahead. There's music composing, sound design, animation, graphics, subtitling, and distribution costs we have yet to raise. With your support now, you get your name included in the end credits, a digital copy of the film and you're making a huge contribution to help push this across the finish line and out to the world! 

Use the store below or if you would like to make a 501(c)3 tax-deductible donation, click here, or send a check with "Father the Flame" in the memo line to:

The Film Collaborative
3405 Cazador Street
Los Angeles, CA 90065

If you are interested in becoming an Executive Producer, contact us here:

To subscribe to our mailing list, email us at You will be automatically added for purchases unless otherwise specified. Thanks for your support!


Donate $25 to help support the film, and you will receive a link to download the full HD file when it is completed, and your name will be included in the end credits! It's a great opportunity to be a part of this film, and a part of pipe history. 

If you'd like a special spelling of your name, during checkout write a note to include how you'd like to be credited. Thanks!

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Father the Flame Pipe!

We are pleased to offer an exclusive Father the Flame line of pipes. These beauties were turned from Algerian briar over 70 years ago in the original Chacom factory in St. Claude, France. Chacom finished them this year, and stamped them with the Father the Flame logo. A brand new vintage pipe! Antoine Grenard of Chacom has generously donated them to us, so all proceeds go towards finishing the film!

Only 102 pipes were made and less than 25 are left for purchase online. Because of the age and quality of the briar, they smoke great. Each pipe has unique grain and comes with a cloth bag. A piece of history in more ways than one. 

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Father the Flame Tee

Help support the project with an official Father the Flame tee shirt featuring the FTF logo. It's a cotton & polyester blend and nicely textured. 

* T-shirts ship within 2-4 weeks from order.

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