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The story of pipes spans the globe. There are many key players around the world that contribute to the pipe world the way it is today. Therefore the next stage of the film is to raise money to go to some places in Europe that are key to the story of pipes. We'll visit the infamous briar hound and second generation briar cutter, Mimmo (http://www.romeobriar.com) who will take us to a place where briar is harvested from the ground. It's exceedingly hard work and has never been captured the way we intend to show it.  e'll also show us his cutting and selection process which he learned from his father and is continuing to refine to near perfection. 

A few other places we will go include a pipe factory and pipe shop in Italy, an ebonite stem manufacturer in Germany, world renowned pipe maker in Denmark, Meerschaum mine in Turkey and pipe historian in England. In all we estimate the trip will take 3 weeks and the cost for equipment, crew, food, lodging and airfare will be $75,000. 

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