Another pipe show down, New logo, New trailer

We had a great time at the show in Chicago last weekend. We met some more great folks in the pipe world and wish there were another couple of days to meet and get to know even more. Special thanks to Frank Burla and Craig Cobine for putting on an awesome show and taking great care of us. Also thanks to Rick Newcombe, Lars & Nanna Ivarsson, Manduela, Mimmo, Lee Erck and several others for amazing interviews and support.

We also have a new logo! Thanks to Drew Melton at Just Lucky for the excellent design work.

A brand new trailer is up on the trailers page. This one is about what a pipe maker feels when looking at the wood.

Finally, you now have the ability to send us your support via our donations page. Please consider making a contribution and helping us in our goal of filming in Europe.

Thanks all! Stay tuned.